Five Things Home Sellers Should Do with Their Trees for Great Curb Appeal

By:  Gary Ashton, Guest Writer from Nashville TN

Five Things Home Sellers Should Do with Their Trees for Great Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the sparkle that entices buyers to go inside – a first impression of sorts.
Great curb appeal has landed “sold” signs in yards quickly, while lack of it has caused
seriously interested buyers to drive right by.

A nice mailbox, fresh cut grass, pristine house numbers, and pretty flowers all add
plusses to the curb appeal column, but some home sellers don’t take enough pains with
the yard’s biggest occupants; trees.

Trees can make or break a home’s vibe, taking it from well-maintained to frumpy and
neglected. Home sellers should do these five things with their trees for killer curb appeal.

Decide if there are too many

A yard cluttered with lots of trees of different sizes ends up looking smaller and unkempt
than those with a few key, statement trees. If your lawn looks more like a jungle,
strategically decide which ones to take down. Leave the most impressive, healthiest trees
and the ones that make the biggest positive impact on your curb appeal. Aim for a relaxed
outdoor space that buyers can imagine themselves enjoying.

Handle the “sick” ones

Does your yard have trees that are bent, have worms, or are just plain sick-looking?
If so, they are taking away from the look of the property. If you are determined to save
the trees because they contribute positively to the look of your place, invest in a tree
company to advise you how to treat the problem. Otherwise put them on the list to be

Trim them

Thick, overgrown foliage hides the house and makes the entire property look neglected
and rundown. Not to mention leaves can clog the gutters and cause serious and
costly problems. After choosing which trees to keep, invest in a professional tree
trimming company to shape and shear your trees. A nicely groomed tree adds to the
overall feel of a well-maintained home and boosts curb appeal for potential buyers.

Create beauty underneath them

Leafy trees block the sun from hitting the ground underneath, causing big patches of dirt
that is an eyesore to buyers. Turn a problem into an opportunity for extra curb appeal!
Buy some mulch or river rocks and cover the area underneath to make a flower bed. Plant
some shade-loving plants like hostas, bigroot geraniums, and begonias to create interest
and add color and greenery. Operate on the “less is more” premise. Keep the area looking
neat and clean by not over-planting. A little gardening effort turns the ground beneath
your tree into an inviting, attractive space.

Don’t let them “litter”

Once you eliminate the trees you don’t want, get them trimmed up and address the ground
beneath them, devote a few minutes a week to patrolling the area. This is especially
important going into the fall months, when trees begin to lose their foliage. Nothing says
“sad” like a yard full of fallen leaves. Plus, you don’t need to remind potential buyers of
the effort of cleaning them up every year! Rake up the offenders and put them in a leaf
bag for trash day, or haul them away yourself. A clean, leaf-free yard is more enticing to

Home sellers who only refresh and re-vamp the inside of their house are missing a key
opportunity to excite buyers before they ever step through the door. It pays to look
closely at your yard as a buyer would and add curb appeal if needed. Making sure your
trees are healthy and well-maintained will help garner more interest, drive a higher price,
and receive more offers.

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