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Famous Trees

Posted on: April 5th, 2016 by Robert No Comments

As important as all trees are, a few have risen to a status of fame. Take for example, General Sherman, a Giant Sequoia in California, is the world's largest tree. A little-known Coastal Redwood, also in California, called the Hyperion Tree, is considered the tallest tree in the world, at just under 380 feet. The Liberty Tree, an Elm, located in Boston, was a gathering place for the Sons of Liberty as they staged acts of defiance against the British, which eventually led to the American Revolution in 1776. Speaking for Britain, their favorite tree, Major Oak of Sherwood Forest, was, according to legend, a favorite hideout for Robin Hood. The Tree of Life, a Mesquite, is the sole occupant of an isolated stretch of desert near the Persian Gulf. A Judean Date Palm nicknamed Methuselah was grown from a 2,000 year old seed excavated from a dig-site in Israel, and represents the sole living example of its species. Another tree with the same nickname, a Bristlecone Pine in California, at approximately 4,800+ years old, is one of the oldest known trees. The list of famous trees goes on and on. Who knows, you may have the makings of a future famous tree right on your own property. Just in case, we suggest you treat them with care and respect by hiring a competent Arborist any time they need attention. A competent arborist will value your trees as much, or more, than you do.

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