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A Little Tree Humor

Posted on: April 21st, 2017 by Robert No Comments

A few people I know have been pining for me to include some tree humor in my monthly blog post. They’ve been barking at me about this since last Septimber.  They just kept needling me about it, so I decided that I wood go out on a limb and take a slab at it.  But, as soon as I logged on to the computer at my branch office, I immediately contracted a case of chopping block.  I was completely stumped.  So, I cracked open a root beer and waited for inspiration that never came.  I felt like such a sap.  I started to get board, so I decided to leaf the office, and walk down to the beech.  There was a large group of popple there. I stopped the first person I saw. It was some feller who was leaning on the trunk of his car and throwing a frisbee to his dogwood named Twig, who was very trim and had beautiful fir, by the way. I axed him for some ideas. I told him I wanted to take my writing career up a notch and the whole thing hinged on this article. He said “I’m sorry, I can knot help, I have to go home now to Maple Lane and spruce up my house”. And then the guy just leaves. What a knotty thing to do.  So, that’s my story in a nutshell.  I never did get any ideas.  I doubt if this will be my most poplar blog post ever.  What do yew think?

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